The challenge of solving complex problems with big, messy data is what gets us up in the morning. We have experience in agricultural, conservation, and ecosystem services but are always looking for new sectors to expand into. The data content is not as interesting as the questions you can answer with the tools available.

Although we are a newly formed consultancy, we have enough enthusiasm and creativity to make up for what we lack in experience. We believe our fresh perspective allows us to utilise the latest technology, software and statistical methods in new and exciting ways.

We also aim to maintain scientific rigour in the work we do. Nearing the completion of his PhD in Agroecology, ZSV consultant Zander Venter has been fortunate enough to gain experience in utilising remote sensing and data science skills in the academic environment. A recent publication tracking the changes in woody plant cover over Africa at 30 m resolution is an example of what can be achieved with new advances in remote sensing and cloud computing technologies.